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There are many experts of various disciplines provide definition and
understanding of religion. Some of them have been revealed in this
writing related to anthropology and sociology only. E.B. Taylor was the
first who studied and provided minimal definition of religion as a belief
to spiritual beings. He said that the origin of religion began when the
man was aware of the existence of soul. Frazer believes that the origin of
religion began when the man was not able to solve various problems of
their lives due to limitation of their reasoning. Whereas Durkheim assumes
that religion was a sosial product as a collective thing with the
aim to unite the members of society in a moral community. Durkheim
emphasizes that nothing is wrong in religion. In reality all religions are
right in its own model. This means religion is right based on the religion
itself and its adherents. The writer states that the frames to understand
religious phenomena are : first, it has supernatural concept; second, it
has doctrine and teaching in the holy book, revelation, oral and written
sources; third, cosmology that is how this nature is composed following
the perception of its followers; fourth, ritual or charity ceremony, and
fifth, mediator of religion and religious group.


religious understanding, frames to understand religious phenomena

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