BISSU YANG ENGGAN MEMBISU Proses Encountering Islam dan Kebugisan

Syamsurijal Adnan


article is derived from my own experience living with bissu community
in Pangkep last year. I could not say that my research was a pure
research. I just lived with them, tried to learn to each other, between me
and the bissu community
This article aims to reveal the encountering process of Islam with one of
the representations of Buginese culture: Bissu, a local community in
South Sulawesi. In old days, Bissu was spiritual figure of old Buginese
believed to descend to middle earth together with Batara Guru. Since
long time ago, Bissu has led the ritual ceremony of the community and
the kingdom, before finally a majority of Buginese people embraces
Islam. However, in small part of Buginese community, Bissu remains
their spiritual leader. Islam and this small part of Buginese culture,
since their early encounter, have filled each other. No domination. Bissu
has never kept quiet. They always play their negotiation role. Islam, on
the other hand, emerges with his kind face, although sometimes, particularly
in current times, this process of encounter is in tension.


Islam, Bissu, Negotiation, Acomodation, Encountering

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